All good things...

I'm leaving GameChanger.

I've had no shortage of great bosses, but my relationship with Kiril Savino stands out as uniquely productive and creative. He simply forced me into roles where I was uncomfortable and, to my surprise, I kept my head above water. My 3.5 years there changed how I think of myself and what I'm capable of. For that alone, I am endlessly thankful to Kiril, my long-time friend Teddy Sullivan, my executive colleagues, and everyone else at GameChanger.

I will especially miss our engineers and testers. It was a joy to lead them and I'm proud of what we've accomplished together. We've had our growing pains and we've emerged with a smart, versatile, enthusiastic crew. A hard-core introvert, I was skeptical that I'd ever adapt to people management. Yet the opportunity to learn what would get each engineer's eyes to light up was the biggest privilege of the job. Attrition plummeted, uptime steadily improved (no small feat with our extreme seasonal traffic surges), and several people flourished in new, unfamiliar roles. We also hired some great people who'll ensure that the team remains strong in the future.

The biggest lesson I learned in my time at GameChanger, though, had little to do with work. We all have experiences that remind us of how short life is. My family has had its share over the last 3.5 years. When the days and weeks began to feel intolerably long and when each victory brought a decreasing amount of joy, I recognized that I couldn't waste time in finding a new hill to climb. I spoke openly with Ted and Kiril over several months about where my thoughts were leading me. They listened patiently and were amazingly supportive.

I don't know what's next for me. That's kinda scary. My colleagues at GameChanger have made it impossible to contemplate doing Just Another Job. I know I won't do them or myself justice unless I'm working with amazing people on an important mission. I'm going to take some time to figure out what exactly that means, mixing in some relaxation and therapeutic hacking in the process.

Thanks to everyone at GameChanger for being great teammates. Thanks for challenging me and please keep challenging yourselves. Best of luck marching forward on your mission, and wish me luck at finding my own.